Shopify Multi-Location Inventory: Effects on business, orders, & fulfillments

Shopify Multi-Location Visual

What does Shopify multi-location inventory mean for business, orders, & fulfillment? Now that Shopify has moved into production with locations and multi-location inventory, you may be wondering what this means for your Shopify store? Well, Shopify inventory management became natively more robust with visibility across one or many fulfillment locations. This first release was a pretty […]

Top 10 ERPs for Shopify Plus


The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise resource planning is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time. Think about all the core processes needed to run a company: finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and fulfillment. We’ll review the top 10 ERP vendors for Shopify Plus based on the Shopify Plus […]