Shopify Plus EDI Integration Made Easy

EDI is still used across numerous commerce channels and partners. With native support for x12, Edifact, iDoc and more, ChannelApe can connect your Shopify Plus store to EDI quickly.

As your business grows, the number of partners will also grow.

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We focus only on Shopify solutions so we know the ins and outs and have support for the latest features.

Shopify Plus EDI Integration
mapping and translation
Support for mapping and translation between many formats.

Multiple File Formats
EDIFACT, X12, IDoc (SAP), XML & more.

Connect Multiple Stores
The ability to connect multiple Shopify stores.

Automate Exchange
Automate the exchange of EDI to and from multiple trading partners in a scalable and secure way.

Standard for ERP and 3PL
An industry standard supported by all major ERPs and 3PLs

EDI has withstood the test of time
EDI is a technology that has withstood the test of time.

Exchange Retail Data
Has a transaction set specifically designed to efficiently and securely exchange retail data.

Large Industries
EDI technology has standardized other large industries alongside retail including healthcare, automotive, and financial sectors.

Remove the pain of…

Manually updating shipping addresses for customers.
We handle automatically.

Wasting margin on carrier SLA selection.
We select based on your unique business logic.

Reviewing orders for problems or errors.
We notify you of problems so you can be proactive.

What comes out of the box?

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shopify plus screen shot analytics
  • Real time Order Alerts
  • Order Splitting and Routing Based on YOUR business rules (Location, Priority or Stock Availability)
  • Pre-Order and Back-Order Management
  • Robust Order Reporting
  • Order Fulfillment Holds
  • Bi-directional Sync
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Multi-Location Fulfillment
  • Full Product Catalog Support
  • High Volume Sales Order Import
Your Operations Need to Grow

Your Operations Need to Grow

Shopify is a modern-day retail leader in customer experience but lacks the order and fulfillment automation needed for operations to grow.

Take Advantage of EDI and Shopify

Take Advantage of EDI and Shopify

Supporting Shopify with EDI lets you reap the benefits of an emerging retail technology built atop a strong foundation, giving your business the room it needs to grow.

Compatible with 3PL and ERP

Compatible with 3PL and ERP

ChannelApe’s Shopify and EDI integration will make your Shopify store compatible with just about any 3PL and ERP.

Ready for a complete solution that works your way?

More than just a one-size fits all product.

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A powerful, integrated operations platform built for Shopify

One of the biggest headaches for eCommerce merchants is managing multiple platforms. ChannelApe allows merchants to build & manage all of their eCommerce operations on a single platform. Catalog, inventory, orders, fulfillments & returns all managed in one single platform.

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