Shopify + Netsuite Sync

Cost & speed of pre-built, flexibility of custom, & peace of mind of managed.

While there are plenty of tools pitching fast, quick, pre-built Netsuite + Shopify integration, over time the ability to customize how your business runs becomes more important.

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We focus only on Shopify solutions so we know the ins and outs and have support for the latest features.

netsuite + shopify
Connect Shopify and NetSuite
Connect Shopify and NetSuite

SaaS solution
A fully managed SaaS solution that works out of the box

Customizable to meet your business needs

manage everything
Uses Shopify’s API and NetSuite’s SuiteTalk Web Services API under the hood and manages everything in our own intermediary database which means we don’t bloat your NetSuite instance with hundreds of custom objects like other solutions

Unlimited Shopify stores
Unlimited Shopify stores

Easily deploy
Easily deploy Dev, QA, and Production environments with Shopify Dev stores and NetSuite Sandboxes

activity logs
Receive error reports & monitor performance with activity logs

What comes out of the box?

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  • Create Sales Orders with support for Discounts, Gift Cards, Shipping Costs, and Tax Items
  • Create Cash Sales from Point of Sale Orders
  • Create Invoices from Wholesale Orders
  • Create Customer Deposits from eCommerce Orders
  • Fulfill from NetSuite or synchronize to NetSuite for sidecar instances
  • Create your Shopify catalog from NetSuite Matrix Items
  • Maintain your Shopify Inventory with NetSuite
  • Create Gift Cards in Shopify from NetSuite Gift Certificates
  • Redeem Gift Certificates in NetSuite when Gift Cards are used
  • Works with Avalara to maintain consistent Tax Codes

Ready for a complete solution that works your way?

More than just a one-size fits all product.

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Configured to Accommodate

Configured to Accommodate

Our NetSuite integration can be configured to accommodate any accounting practices providing NetSuite is already configured for it.

Your Data - Your Revenue

Your Data – Your Revenue

Transform your data to meet your revenue recognition practices.

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A powerful, integrated operations platform built for Shopify

One of the biggest headaches for eCommerce merchants is managing multiple platforms. ChannelApe allows merchants to build & manage all of their eCommerce operations on a single platform. Catalog, inventory, orders, fulfillments & returns all managed in one single platform.

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