Use your Shopify store as a Supplier

Send your Shopify inventory out to others, inject orders back into Shopify, and send fulfillments back out
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  • Integrate B2B Channels

    Connect to channels like Amazon Vendor Central. Send inventory from Shopify to these channels.

  • Build a marketplace with Shopify

    Have you ever wanted to take in inventory from other Shopify stores quickly and easily and also give them back orders to fulfill?

  • Single unified operations system

    Face it, integration never ends. Make all integrations look and work the same

With our Shopify Plus as a Supplier solution, you can utilize all the data, processes and apps from your current store. Share data like product catalogs (titles, images, descriptions, etc), stock levels, pricing data and accept orders from other marketplaces, B2B vendors or even other Shopify stores.

Use Case Illustrations

shopify as a supplier
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A powerful, integrated operations platform built for Shopify

One of the biggest headaches for eCommerce merchants is managing multiple platforms. ChannelApe allows merchants to build & manage all of their eCommerce operations on a single platform. Catalog, inventory, orders, fulfillments & returns all managed in one single platform.

steve madden app screen
You are in good Shopify company
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Trusted by today’s most innovative brands

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