Rate Shopping and Multi-Node Fulfillment

When it comes to high-volume Ecommerce fulfillment, automating for the best rate and closest fulfillment location to the end consumer can help not only save money, but also ensure the customer experience is improved.

Rate Shopping and Address Verification

Anyone that ships packages understands what rate shopping is and how they could save money by finding the cheapest way to ship a package to their customer. We all understand that saving money on your shipping rates can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. So then why do most companies not utilize rate shopping. The most common complaint I hear is that either I do not have time to check rates against hundreds of different providers, or I am already receiving the best rates with my current carrier.

Using the ChannelApe platform you can automate rate shopping your Ecommerce orders  with our Rate Shopping Module to find the best rate, carrier and service to send your orders to your customers.

ChannelApe also has pre-configured SLA setups to ensure packages are delivered on time according to the service your customer selected at checkout. The Rate Shopping Module also has built in Address Verification to ensure your packages are being delivered to the right address.

Multi-Node Fulfillment

When utilizing the Rate Shopping Module with our Multi-Node Fulfillment Module you can now not only find the best rate and carrier to ship that order but can now also pick the correct warehouse or retail location to ship from. Using both modules together ensures that your orders will ship as cheap as possible and from the location closest to your customer when it is in stock.

This allows for better shipping rates, faster delivery times and happy customers.

These modules are fully automated and perform specific algorithms in seconds to ensure accuracy and efficiency. No extra input is required from the customer.

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