Hello Warehouse KPI Reporting

Reports to help you visualize the important data around orders and fulfillment.
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  • Orders by Status, Business and/or Channel

    – Open, In Progress, Cancelled, Closed Orders
    – One or many business(s)
    – One or many channel(s)
    – Find Aging Orders
  • Time Between Order Create and Order Fulfillment

    – Measure Warehouse Fulfillment Latency KPI
    – * ChannelApe Warehouse Management Module Required
  • Business Overview

    – Revenue by one or many Channel(s) or Business(s)
    – Top Selling SKUs
    – Totals
  • Exportable Data

    – Export Data in CSV, XLS or PDF Format
    – Custom schedules via email or SFTP (ask us to enable)
Advanced Logistics Reporting
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