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We have pulled back the proverbial ChannelApe Curtain to now give you deeper insight into the inner workings of our Best in Class Commerce Platform. Neatly packed into a well organized dashboard, you can review key past or in progress activities such as…

  • Amazon Product Sync

  • Shopify Product Sync

  • BigCommerce Product Sync

  • Order Submission to Warehouse

  • Order Fulfillment Updates

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Quickly monitoring global actions allows for a proactive approach to catch any issues before sales and orders are impacted.

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Need more granular data, no problem. ChannelApe’s Activity Feed can report on past activities of SKUs, reporting events such as successful product creation, updates or deletion. Errors are now much more visible allowing for action to be take to correct listings.

Activity Logs List

The ChannelApe Activity Feed also has reporting surrounding Order Status such as…

  • Order Creation

  • Order Submission

  • Orders with Errors

  • Order Fulfillment Updates

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