Technology Partner
Montreal, Quebec

Who Are We?

Our Story

Storetasker is made up of 22 exceptional individuals from all across the globe, each with a standard of excellence and a passion for their craft!

Launched in January 2016, Storetasker naturally spawned from the leading Shopify experts service Focused uniquely on helping store owners with small jobs, we at Carson found ourselves with limited solutions for store owners with bigger job requests. So we built one!

We invited some of the best independent eCommerce developers, designers and technical marketers into the Storetasker program to help you, our clients, and hundreds of other store owners, finish bigger Shopify jobs on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help provide development solutions to the 300,000+ Shopify store owners around the world through the use of our platform. We feel that care and attention in the contracting technical help is one of the biggest eCommerce challenges online store owners face today. We not only vet our Storetasker developers for skill, but more importantly, for their ability to communicate. Often issues with communication, instead of lack of skill or any ill-intention, is the number one reason that important development and design projects fail to meet their projected deadlines and finished successfully.

We’re always striving to do impactful work we’re proud of in lieu of chasing overnight success.