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New ChannelApe Feature: Configurable ChannelApe Exporter


You have your data in ChannelApe and you are already using ChannelApe’s Prebuilt integrations to get your data to marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Houzz etc etc., but what about those vendors who need your data in a specific file format or custom configuration. Your  B2B Partners, Affliate Networks, or Shopping Channels.




No worries, the ChannelApe Exporter now has the capability to export your data file in any CUSTOM format or configuration needed. The exporter even has the ability to add static columns to your data.


For example your trading partner requires the country of manufacturer for your items and this data does not exist in your source file. Now you can easily add a static column populated with a value of your choosing.




Now that your ChannelApe Export file is configured as you need it, you can setup a recipe of how often the export file is updated with new data. The configured file will be on a hosted link that gives your vendors access to your data as often as they require it.



Jason DePietropaolo
Jason is an e-commerce expert who founded a D2C nutritional brand. After years of scaling the brand, Jason saw a need for a platform to automate orders and fulfillments. He went on to cofound ChannelApe to accomplish his goal.