Amazon Fulfillment Latency Support


What is Amazon Fulfillment Latency/ Handling Time? Amazon Fulfillment Latency, otherwise know as handling time, specifies the number of days you have to ship out an order before Amazon considers it late. This is super important and has caused numerous headaches for Amazon re sellers since this is set to 1-2 business days by default. […]

API Rate Limiting

With our announcement of adding support for API Accounts, we are also taking action to secure the reliability of our platform. Rate limiting allows an API Account to make a certain amount of request per second to a business’s data before being throttled. If exceeded, a response status code of 429 will be returned and […]

New ChannelApe Feature: API Accounts

ChannelApe now supports API Accounts. API Accounts are a new feature that will allow outside developers to integrate with ChannelApe’s platform without having to create a regular user to use as the API account. To set up an API Account for your business, navigate to the new Settings page. Here, you will be able to […]

Configurable ChannelApe Exporter

New ChannelApe Feature: Configurable ChannelApe Exporter   You have your data in ChannelApe and you are already using ChannelApe’s Prebuilt integrations to get your data to marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Houzz etc etc., but what about those vendors who need your data in a specific file format or custom configuration. Your  B2B Partners, Affliate […]

Custom Search Fields

New ChannelApe Feature: Custom Search Fields   Most Ecommerce Platforms have databases where you can search your product catalog on specific parameters, but what happens when you have specific or unique fields that you must query?   Use our functionality to search any field in your data and create CUSTOM SEARCH FIELDS.  Best of all, […]

200 Marketing Hacks & Tools to Ensure Your Startup Crushes It

200 Marketing Hacks to Ensure Your Startup Dominates

Are you getting ready for your startup to absolutely crush it? If you are, marketing should be one of your first concerns. Your ability to market your new creation will determine it’s success or failure. That’s why I’ve taken the time to find 200 marketing hacks, big and small, to help your startup dominate the […]