Wholesale API Integration Guide

Who is this for? This guide is written for a technical audience who possess an understanding of the order and fulfillment processes that are standard to EDI retailer integration If you are an operations leader looking for the best way to marry X12 EDI retailers, VANs, or other providers with ChannelApe’s Fulfillment Management System Foreword […]

Promise a delivery date on PDP & checkout

In ecommerce supply chain, one of the most difficult factors that affects conversion is the delivery timeframe you promise to customers and the actual time it takes your shipment to arrive at their door. Customers don’t want to calculate the math in their head of when their package will arrive. Do weekend days count? Is […]

API Rate Limiting

With our announcement of adding support for API Accounts, we are also taking action to secure the reliability of our platform. Rate limiting allows an API Account to make a certain amount of request per second to a business’s data before being throttled. If exceeded, a response status code of 429 will be returned and […]