Synclaire Brands

Company Overview

Synclaire Brands is an industry leader when it comes to children’s fashion footwear. With an extensive designer portfolio, they manufacture and operate the kids business for Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Sam Edelman, Kenneth Cole, Stuart Weitzman, Frye, Badgley Mischka, Ash, Ivanka Trump, ZeroTie, Flowers by Zoe and Sydney Jordyn. The shoes reach consumers across the dynamic retail environment – from large brick and mortar department stores to the leading footwear e-commerce websites. The company has extensive knowledge across all genders of footwear while specializing in the kids’ market.

The Problem

As a wholesaler, Synclaire has a wide retail customer base ranging from small boutique shops to the nation’s largest retailers. In order to transact with these retailers, Synclaire requires a buyer portal – a way for their buyers to view updated products, inventory levels & pricing and make subsequent purchases.

The Pain

Prior to working with ChannelApe, Synclaire had been using an outdated iPad application that lacked online capability. Managing and maintaining this app was time consuming, difficult and slow. It involved a great deal of manual work.

Even worse, the app’s functionality had a massive negative effect on ordering and sales. Without Internet access, it was impossible to keep inventory updated in real time. Customers would place large orders, only to realize days later that the items they wanted were out of stock. Retailers were unable to see new products until all of an item’s product details and images were uploaded manually.

This resulted in a great deal of frustration. Synclaire realized they were missing out on huge sales potential due to their app’s lack of functionality and poor UX.

The Strategy

Multichannel means something different to every business. Some retailers need to merge several inventory streams to a single data point; others need to push their inventory out to a range of marketplaces.

In Synclaire’s case, they required two very specific things from their multichannel integration: 1. They needed to pull their full product catalog, inventory and pricing from their ERP into a database in real-time. 2. They needed an interface where hundreds of retail customers could view this information and place orders. Of course, this order information had to be reflected in the central database as it came in.

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As we saw it, the priorities were: Real Time Data, Inventory Accuracy, Functionality & UX

The Execution

Due to the nature of our platform, we’re able to provide Shopify inventory management solutions without incurring high cost and long conversion periods. Here’s how: We understand that most customers need a core functionality – and this core is similar from customer to customer. When a new business approaches us about a solution, we usually have 70% or 80% of what they need already built.

This was the case with Synclaire. We knew we could transfer product and order data from their ERP system wherever it needed to go. It would be accurate, well-structured and could be transmitted quickly. With that pre-built, we focused on providing an interface that would allow buyers outstanding ease of use and Synclaire the agility to add and modify product data on the fly.

The End Solution

The ChannelApe team helped Synclaire create a unique buying experience using the Shopify Plus platform. This interface now allows hundreds of its boutique and wholesale customers to purchase direct. We integrated directly to Synclaire’s homegrown ERP, allowing them to sync their product catalog, customer data, and order / fulfillment data. They can now manage all of their data completely within their ERP, allowing them to have their product catalog correctly synced across all of their buying channels.

New York City, NY


Synclaire Brands is an industry leader when it comes to children’s fashion footwear.

Fast Facts

  1. Multichannel
  2. Wholesale
  3. Shopify Plus
  4. Native ERP Integration

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