Steve Madden

The Problem:

Steve Madden recently migrated store fronts to Shopify Plus from a legacy eCommerce solution and immediately saw an opportunity to work with other Shopify Apparel Brands by pairing complementary items like clothing with their Footwear.

The Solution:

Using ChannelApe’s Shopify Marketplace solution, Madden is able to integrate other Shopify stores natively into theirs.

This means syncing product catalogs and inventory from the apparel brands into the Steve Madden Site. The Madden apparel buyers are now able to select merchandise from the brands that they would like to merchandise on and build specific looks and styles to complement their footwear.

When orders are placed on Madden’s site, they are then correctly split by line item and sent back to each individual vendor’s Shopify Store as if it was an order placed by one of that Brand’s customers. This allows the Apparel Brand’s current order and fulfillment processes to work as it already does and did not require them to make any changes to their workflow.

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In Summary:

ChannelApe’s MarketPlace Solution helped selected complimentary d2c brands not only gain exposure on but also the ability to sell on another Marketplace without any modifications to current processes. Steve Madden was now able to enhance the customer experience by offering curated styles and looks that complimented their trendy footwear.

New York, New York


Steve Madden designs and markets shoes and fashion accessories for women, men and children.

Fast Facts

  1. There are approximately 120 Steve Madden stores across the United States, and 250 in over 65 countries.
  2. Steve Madden started the company with $1,100 in 1990 by selling shoes out of the trunk of his car.
  3. " I Get my Inspiration from Pounding the Pavement all over the World".......Steve Madden

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